06 Jan 2017

New Year, New You

More than 90% of people don't follow through with their new years resolutions- don't be one of them this year!

2017 has just arrived and for many of us, we entered the new year with goals that we want to achieve through the year. Whether you’ve resolved to drop 10 kilos, become more confident, or follow through with unfinished projects and ventures; the following tips will give you the tools to accomplish your goals this year.


1). Be Realistic

Let’s be honest going from a size 14 to size 8 in 3 months is close to unthinkable. Be realistic with yourself and set manageable and achievable goals, you’re more likely to stick to it.

2). Don’t be too hard on yourself

So, you set out to 80% on that test but got 77% instead. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, but instead be proud of your progress and congratulate yourself for coming close to your goal and making an effort to get as far as you did.

3). Adapt and be flexible

Life is unpredictable so, remember this when it comes to your resolutions. Instead of becoming discouraged and pushing aside your goals, be flexible and incorporate your aspirations into the change in your life.

4). Get a friend!

We are more likely to stick to something if we aren’t doing it alone. Throw a friend into the mix when it comes to your goals and you can both watch each other flourish.


Follow through with these tips and let 2017 be your best year yet!