16 Dec 2016

Got a road trip planned these holidays?

Holidays are a great time to travel. What better way is there to travel and experience the beauty of the Pilbara and WA, than to drive! So, whether you’re driving alone or with your family, to Perth or to Broome, these tips will help keep your car tidy the whole journey!


       1.      Before you go…

It’s a good idea to make sure your car has no rubbish, been vacuumed inside and washed outside before you move on with the following steps.


2.      Organise your car…

Before you take off, organise the car entertainment for the passengers in neat, small containers. Remember to store these containers in a place of easy reach. Bonus: This is great if you have kids, encourage them to return toys they’re no longer using to avoid an array of toys scattered in your car.


3.      Stop and eat…

As hard as it may be to stop and get out of the car to eat meals, you will be thanking yourself later when you you’re not rolling around in crumbs.


4.      Be prepared for anything

Don’t forget to bring wipes and plastic bags – you’ll need them!



Enjoy the great company and great views as you travel (in your clean car) this Christmas holiday!