11 Aug 2015

End Of Lease - Your Attack Plan

It is getting harder and harder to please Property Managers and Landlords with End of Lease Cleaning. Many expect you to leave the home or office in display home condition. Call Glory from Angelic Cleaning Services in Port Hedland on 0481 259560 for all your domestic and commercial End of Lease Cleaning needs.

End of Lease cleaning can be extremely daunting for a tenant. Real Estate agents are getting very hard to please, expecting homes to be returned to almost new, and can withhold your bond if the property is not to standard.

I always recommend using a professional cleaner, but sometimes doing so is not an option. With a little forward planning, you can have the clean home that your rental agent is looking for, without unnecessary effort.

1)      Walls – in the lead up to your move, choose a room or two a week and have a good look at the walls. Any marks will have to be removed. For best results use Sugar Soap or Magic Sponges.

TIP: Dry the walls as you go. This will prevent patchy results.

2)       Range Hood filters, grills etc – pop these in the dishwasher! If you do this in advance, then they’ll need less attention later on.

Tip: Spray stubborn items with a citrus detergent first.

3)      Ovens – home cleaning is not comparable to professional cleaning, however if you are going to tackle it yourself, leave time for your product to work as per the instructions. Don’t be frugal, and spray every surface inside the oven.

TIP: Use a paint razor to scrape away baked on food from the glass doors.

4)      Extraction fans, lights etc – again, do a room or two per week in the lead up to the move. Remove flies from lights, dust vents etc.

TIP: Greasy/Dusty extraction fans can be popped in the dishwasher on a low heat.

5)      Fly screens – Use your brush vacuum attachment for the fly screens and the smallest nozzle you can find for the runners. Vacuum the screen before giving it a good wipe down.

TIP: Wiping the screen without dusting first will make the job harder.

6)      Cupboards – As you pack up, clean the empty cupboards. Sticky note the ones that are finished. This leaves only bench tops and splashbacks to clean later.

 7)      Use the right products – Never buy a multi-purpose spray. These should be called ‘we clean everything, but not very well’ sprays. Reach for Kitchen Spray, Bathroom spray to speed things up.

If you follow the above tips, then cleaning on the day of the move will be minimal, and you can focus instead on making your new house into your new home.