10 Nov 2016

Cluttered Work Space?

Don’t have time to clean up your office at work or desk at home? After reading this, I’m sure you’ll make time.

A messy work space is obviously unattractive for you and those around you. It reflects poorly on you if your office is stacked with papers, coffee mugs and food wrappers. I know work gets busy and there are deadlines to be met, but neglecting the state of your office can negatively impact your colleagues around you, your health and even bring about more unneeded stress on you.


The most important step in this process. Get rid of the unnecessary papers, objects and knick-knacks that are occupying your precious space.


2.      ORGANISE

Collect all the papers and items you want (and need) to keep and organise them neatly into their designated compartments.



Put items you know you constantly need in close reach, for example, items such as pens, post it notes and notebooks.


4.      LABEL

Using a label maker, label the areas/compartments and draws of your office to remind you and others of where things go.



Every day at the end of work or a study session, put everything back in its place. It makes it much easier for the next time you go to work or study.


Now your clean space will scream professionalism and will increase your productivity and reduce stress! For extra help call Angelic Cleaning Services on 0481259560