10 Sep 2015

Cleaning your office: Why hire a professional?

Making a good impression on Clients is important for business success. Clean working environment makes for better staff productivity, health and overall well-being and happiness at work. Office Cleaning in Port Hedland can easily be arranged with Angelic Cleaning Services. Call Glory for a quote on 0481 259560.

Your office is your castle. For many customers, it is their first impression of your professionalism and your ability. So, your office presentation is just as important as your personal appearance when impressing new clients. 

A professional, clean and organised workplace is also key to maintaining reliable employees. Setting the bar high, means that your staff know the level of cleanliness and hygiene they must maintain at their workstations, and gives them the space to organise their thoughts and duties well.

It is also the first impression that potential employees get of you and your business, and can affect their decision whether to accept a position or not.

Investing in a professional cleaner for your workplace shows your employees that you value them and the work that they do. Don’t add to their workload and distract them from their duties by expecting them to clean.

Often people believe that by having their office staff clean, they are saving money. Once you take into account factors such as PAYG, Super, providing cleaning equipment and products etc. there is little financial benefit to cleaning in-house.

You may also find that any injuries caused to employees or damage to property while they are cleaning is not covered by your insurance policy, leaving you, the business owner, personally liable.

Professional cleaners will have their own insurance, be police checked ahead of time and can clean before or after the staff arrive, therefore minimising disruption to your work flow.

As a business expense, hiring a commercial cleaner makes good accounting sense too. And, you can never have too much of that. Right?

Bottom Line: Hiring a professional to clean your office space means less worry, less cost, less effort and less risk. It’s what I call a Win-Win... WIN!

So, why not ask Glory to give you a quote on 0481 259 560.