Back To School

Whether your child is starting school, moving into high school or in their final year; the back to school season is well underway for us all! We’ve put together some tips to help you be organised and on top of everything for school in 2017.

1). Get the kids back in routine

After weeks of going to bed late, waking up at midday and spending the day doing whatever, the kids need to get back on schedule. With a week left until school starts, get your kids going to bed by your set bedtime and waking up early. It’s also a good idea to get them started doing homework again; this helpful especially for older kids.

2). Make sure all your supplies are together

By now you probably already have textbooks, exercise books, stationery. Double check you have everything (including extras) you’ll need for the school year ahead

3). The day before

Get your kids bags together with every item they’ll need for the school year. To save time in the morning, pack lunchboxes and fill bottles at night. Make sure they go to bed on time and wake up early.


Good luck for the new school year!