10 Dec 2015

Awesome Pre-Christmas De-Clutter Guide

Christmas Day is a coming! And so is the Christmas Clutter. Come Boxing Day, you will probably find yourself wading through a river of paper, tinsel and packaging, trying not to spill the trifle on your recently cleaned carpet.

Christmas is supposed to be a joyful day for all, not just the young. I find a little de-clutter planning can reduce our stress on the day, and helps me to organise my thoughts leading up to Christmas Day, making rubbish removal faster, and leaving more time to enjoy the company of those I love.

There are many great ideas to remove the pre-Christmas clutter to make room for the coming Christmas clutter.  I find the easiest way to start is to separate the areas you need to de-clutter into groups.  So let’s discuss the groups:

  • Children’s Rooms
  • Guest Rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Christmas Day Entertaining Areas

Children’s Rooms

This is where you must be cruel to be kind because with Christmas comes more toys and gear. So deciding now which toys your children have outgrown in order to make room for the new toys under the tree on Christmas morning. The same can be said for clothes because your kids will probably get buried in new fashions and T’s on Christmas morning. Once sorted, please donate them to a reputable charity in your area to be handed on and re-used by those less fortunate. I hate putting clutter on top of clutter. My rule of thumb is to aim to remove at least 20-30% of the clothes and toys from their rooms and play areas pre-Christmas to be better organised for next year.

Guest Rooms  

Are you having guests this Christmas? Hands up if your spare bed is covered in this year’s “don’t know where to put it” pile.  If so, then it is time to clean out the clutter dumped in your spare rooms, to give your guests some space of their own. At Christmas we tend to be visited by those members of our families we would rather not spend time with. Tension mounts, arguments happen, and it is always wise to make that bit of extra room to give you guests somewhere to call their own. Perhaps an armchair in their bedroom, or a nice seat under a tree in the garden.

If you are expecting a horde of guests at Christmas, you will need to make room for storing mattresses and camping beds. So, put those spare boxes and bags that have accumulated over the year into the garage, in wardrobes or under the house, or perhaps even show them the door. My rule of thumb is, if we haven’t opened the bag or looked or used the contents in the past 12 months, we can probably live without it.

Remember, tensions always run higher when people feel they have no space. I can remember the best Xmas I had was when 15 cousins came to spend 2 weeks in our 3 bedroom house. 21 people under the one roof for 14 days. It was a kids’ paradise, but could have potentially been an adults nightmare had my mother not forced us to de-clutter over the 4 weekends leading up to Christmas.  A very wise woman!


How many sets of cutlery and crockery can any of us need? Unless you are constantly inundated by guests one set of each should be enough maybe some really nice decorative ones on display in a cabinet but you were never going to use them for meals anyway. Try using good quality disposable cutlery and plates. Looking online you can find some really nice service ware these days at very reasonable prices. Buy in bulk and save on washing up is my motto.

Having items all over your counters such as toasters, bread bins, and kettles might seem useful on a daily basis, but they don’t need to be there when your guests arrive. Invest in some light shelving, or an additional cupboard. Wipe them down with a cloth and get them off your counters. If the kitchen benches look emptier you are going to have more patience with the guest mess to come. Easy Clean, Easy Care, Easy Living. How much better does that feel now?

Living Areas

Now let’s look at the dining room. In many houses, the dining room is the least used room in the house and is more likely used for other purposes like homework, craft, gun cleaning or a resting place for fragile clutter such as glassware and ornaments. So, think about using this space earlier because you will be using this space as your prepare for Christmas. Start finding homes for those things just dumped on the table, throw away the papers and magazines. Put away the laptop, and move that craft into the hall cupboard. Start deciding how many chairs you will need, and who is going to sit next to whom now, before our blood pressure starts rising.

Next the living room. What furniture will you actually need on Christmas Day, and what can be moved into the garage now? Remember you are going to need room for that enormous tree you picked out. Look at the logistics of the room and plan the extra seating. Can you wall mount your TV? Throw out the beanbags? Do you really need all of those books? Have you thought about using small stack-able coffee tables instead of that big ottoman in the middle? Do you really need that big cabinet anymore?

Bookshelves, books and magazines seem to breed in living rooms. Go through and throw them out now. We tend to hang onto them because of that special article. Why not tear out the article, place it in a folder or box, and place it easy to reach in your bookshelf. Nothing makes a home appear more untidy than lots of useless paper piling up. Just watch Hoarders sometime, and you will see what I mean.

Re-gifting is another great Aussie past-time. Look at your china and specialty books. Does anyone really need 30 Royal Dolton tea sets? Do you really need 3 atlases?  Gift these precious items to your family, so you can see their delight now, rather than waiting to Will them. Pick out the books you actively use, and donate the rest to charity shops. After all it is the “season to be giving”.

Finally, choose an area of the house for the teenagers and kids to hang out. Give them their own bar fridge, games cupboard, DVD collection, and snack bar. Basically, make your plan now to give them everything they need to stay out of your hair so you can enjoy a little less of their company when your friends and family are there.

Ready to start?

Christmas is so close and this awesome guide will make it so easy to preparing for that wonderful day. The tips in this guide will take you less than half your Saturday to complete and you will feel so much better knowing you are ready for the silly season. Use this guide as a starting point, or if you don’t have time, call Glory from Angelic Cleaning Services in Port Hedland to book one of her famous de-clutter specials on 0481 259 560.

Good luck and a very Happy Christmas you all.

See you next year!