10 Jul 2015


De-Cluttering your home can help you to reduce stress and stay organised. Make these easy steps part of your daily routine and de-stress your life.

If you are anything like me (or most people for that matter), a build-up of clutter within my home or office can be quite stressful; especially when I cannot find anything. Whereas a clean and tidy home or workplace always makes me feel organised, peaceful and happy.

I would like to share with you some top tips to living a clutter free life. Do these easy steps every day and your will be amazed at what a difference it makes to your life.

  1. Just do it!
    Setting your mind to completing the task is key.
  2. Share and Win
    Make sure everyone around the house has a share of duties to do, that way one person won’t feel over loaded and it becomes a house hold routine. Kids are great helpers, so don’t underestimate them.
  3. Always make your bed as you wake up
    There is nothing depressing as walking into your room with your bed not made when you’re going to bed. Once your bed is made it is easy to find motivation to get the rest of the room tidy.
  4. Reset your home before going to bed
    Picking up shoes, clothes, toys etc. before going to bed ensures that when you wake up in the morning you are greeted by an orderly, fresh and tidy home, which gives energy to face the day and makes it much easier to get the kids off to school.
  5. Sort out your Mail
    Always open your mail close to the rubbish bin, that way all the unwanted mail and catalogues find themselves where they belong, otherwise they end up cluttering bench tops!
  6. Clear as you go
    Kitchen bench tops seem to be the worst, especially if they open up to the lounge and dining area. Cleaning up as you go is the best way to go. Simple ideas are best, like always put the lids on your plastic containers before putting them away, and keeping gadgets and knives in an easy to reach cupboard or drawer will help keep your kitchen in order. There is nothing as good as sitting on the table facing a clean kitchen bench, it just makes dinner and family time more enjoyable.
  7. Make it a routine, not a one off event
    Develop an ongoing de-cluttering culture, otherwise the clutter will gradually make its way back.

And there you go! It’s easy to keep your place tidy, just follow my seven easy steps to a clean and clutter free space.
Stay tuned for my other big household tips – The 5 day Spring Clean & The 10 day End of Lease Clean.

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