• 06 Mar 2017

    Stressed Out?

    1). Find the source

    The first and most important step in dealing with stress is to find what causes it and how you respond to it. Knowing this can help find the right distressing method

    2). Exercise

    For some, this may seem like the last thing you’d want to do when you’re stressed, but exercising is ...

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  • 01 Jan 0001

    Back To School

    1). Get the kids back in routine

    After weeks of going to bed late, waking up at midday and spending the day doing whatever, the kids need to get back on schedule. With a week left until school starts, get your kids going to bed by your set bedtime and waking up early. It’s also a good idea to get...

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  • 06 Jan 2017

    New Year, New You

    2017 has just arrived and for many of us, we entered the new year with goals that we want to achieve through the year. Whether you’ve resolved to drop 10 kilos, become more confident, or follow through with unfinished projects and ventures; the following tips will give you the tools to accomplish...

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  • 16 Dec 2016

    Got a road trip planned these holidays?


           1.      Before you go…

    It’s a good idea to make sure your car has no rubbish, been vacuumed inside and washed outside before you move on with the following steps.


    2.      Organise your car…

    Before you take off, organise the car entertainment for the passengers in neat, small containers....

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  • 10 Nov 2016

    Cluttered Work Space?

    A messy work space is obviously unattractive for you and those around you. It reflects poorly on you if your office is stacked with papers, coffee mugs and food wrappers. I know work gets busy and there are deadlines to be met, but neglecting the state of your office can negatively impact your...

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  • 13 Oct 2016

    Bad smell in the kitchen?

    Bins obviously hold all rubbish in a domestic household and if they’re not washed regularly they are at risk of inviting unwanted critters like maggots YUCK!


    1). Empty your bin first and put on some gloves- this can get quite nasty  

    2). Spray the exterior and interior of your bin...

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  • 06 Jan 2016

    Time to get everyone organised for School

    Telling your kids to go “Clean your room” is not going to be enough to get the family and house ready for the new school year, mainly because in January, school aged kids are not inclined to clean up their Summer clutter because, let’s not kid ourselves, no child wants to clean their room during...

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  • 10 Dec 2015

    Awesome Pre-Christmas De-Clutter Guide

    Christmas is supposed to be a joyful day for all, not just the young. I find a little de-clutter planning can reduce our stress on the day, and helps me to organise my thoughts leading up to Christmas Day, making rubbish removal faster, and leaving more time to enjoy the company of those I love.

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  • 10 Nov 2015

    How Clean is Your Mattress?

    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians sleep an average of 7.7 hours per day. But being in bed for over 7 hours per night is only part of the story.

    If you are not sleeping well, it could be that parasites, bacteria and odours in your mattress are affecting your health and...

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  • 13 Oct 2015


    Of all the possible recipes available, the one I like using the most is one for Furniture Polish. You see, I really hate chemicals, and I am on a mission to find replacements for as many of our toxic household substances as possible. And a non-toxic wood furniture and floor polish is a great thing...

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  • 10 Sep 2015

    Cleaning your office: Why hire a professional?

    Your office is your castle. For many customers, it is their first impression of your professionalism and your ability. So, your office presentation is just as important as your personal appearance when impressing new clients. 

    A professional, clean and organised workplace is also key to maintaining ...

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  • 11 Aug 2015

    End Of Lease - Your Attack Plan

    End of Lease cleaning can be extremely daunting for a tenant. Real Estate agents are getting very hard to please, expecting homes to be returned to almost new, and can withhold your bond if the property is not to standard.

    I always recommend using a professional cleaner, but sometimes doing so is...

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  • 10 Jul 2015


    If you are anything like me (or most people for that matter), a build-up of clutter within my home or office can be quite stressful; especially when I cannot find anything. Whereas a clean and tidy home or workplace always makes me feel organised, peaceful and happy.

    I would like to share with you...

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